Dirigentie de santier


According to the terms of the agreement signed between the investor and the inspector, the last one can provide the following services:

  • Project management
  • Coordination on building sites for constructions, installations and art monuments
  • Following through execution with technical execution managers for construction companies
  • Control, insurance and quality management
  • Technical checking of the projects
  • Architectural and projecting services
  • Feasibility and pre feasibility studies in constructions
  • Works of cartography and cadastre
  • Drawing up of charges books
  • Documents for auctions according to G.D. 60/2001 and/or FIDIC norms
  • Technical documentation for offers, estimates, work stages
  • Consulting for drawing up of the quality book and the control procedures according to present laws
  • Technical Book of the construction

Consulting and Technical Assistance

Through the Dgs Consult Development Ltd., we practice services to achieve the investments from the idea to the final result, analyzing the technical, technological solutions, financial advantages, work schedules, etc., only to the investment’s interest. The main elements in our activity are: proficiency, legality, loyalty for the client and professional ethics.

Dgs Consult Development Ltd.’s relation with its clients is based on weekly reports which comprise: registered mistakes, measures taken to erase the causes, measures and actions proposed to be approved by the investor, the impact of the daily project stage on the obligatory deadlines and final deadline, the analysis of financial spent resources and their availability for the next period, etc.

Co-ordination of building sites

Through the Dgs Consult Development Ltd.’s attested specialists – inspectors for building sites specialized in: buildings, installations, internal and external networks gas, water, telecommunications, public utilities, building materials, consolidation, we ensure to our client a well investment development, from the quality and quantity point of view, attesting according to the law the respect of specific norms and standards and present laws, by the counter signature of the Reports for Hidden Works, Reports of Quality Reception, Reports for Established Phases, for each and every field: constructions, installations, public utilities, material quality, internal and external networks, consolidations and art works, co-operating this way with the designers, constructors and State Building Inspection’s representatives.

Quality control

The main aim of Dgs Consult Development Ltd. is to ensure the quality of projects, which means they shall fit to our clients' expectations. It aims to ensure the quality of services for all the activities, and the results are the proof of trust that the product or service fits to the expectations. The quality control done by Conmih Construct Development Ltd. Has a direct impact on the systems' development and makes sure that all our products and services are meant to satisfy our clients.

Technical manager

Dgs Consult Development Ltd. represented by its Technical Execution Managers, draws up and updates the register of works which are technically co-ordinated, checks the sheets and technological projects, checks and verifies the works schedule, agrees with the plans of execution and the organisation project, stops the execution because of great mistakes, and disagreements with the project previsions and restarts the work only after the problems are solved. It agrees only with the execution of works based on execution details checked by the responsibles and the attested designers.