Project management


Our management philosophy is to develop an interactive work relationships between all actors involved in the project (the client, designer, builder, authorities). The management process begins immediately after the award of the contract till the project finalization. The construction management services can be divided into two phases: the preconstruction and construction.

The preconstruction phase can bring added value, cost savings and identification and elimination of potential risks in order to provide predictable results. During the preconstruction phase we offer planning and programming activities, cost estimates, cost optimization, budget development and pre-qualification of manufacturers.

The construction phase consists in subcontractors’ coordination, budget monitoring, verification of the quantities and quality of the works executed under the project, and also a continue communication with all stakeholders , ensuring that the project will be fully functional.

Project Management represents the ability to coordinate human, material and financial resources throughout the life of the project, to achieve the project objectives such as the time, the quality , the estimated budget, and last but not the least, the customer satisfaction.

Project Management

It includes organizing, controlling and coordinating the design, the project approval and the actual construction from the initiation phase till its completion, to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. The Project Management involves planning, coordinating and controlling a large variety of complex activities that change from project to project. Every project management life cycle contains five steps: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring/Control and Closure.

Project Cost Management

Encompassess several specific functions including the initial appraisal of the project , cost forecasting, monitoring, management and reporting of budget. The implementation of a cost management structure will enure that the investment will stay within the estimated time and budget. During the investment period, all expenses are recorded and monitored to make sure the project fits in the initial cost plan.

Contract Management & Acquisitions

Deals with the identification, evaluation and selection of customers, suppliers and partners, elaboration of tender documents, technical specifications and tender evaluation, including negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts, issuing orders and contract signing and monitoring.

Works Supervision / Technical Consulting

Involves providing administrative and technical consulting services, planning and managing the subcontractors, ensuring for our clients, to some extent, potential savings and shorter timeframes. This service is mainly addressed to real estate investors who wishes to optimize the investment costs, decrease the risks that may arise during the development and to guarantee that its activities are coordinated in most appropriate manner.